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Batman reboot 2015 rumors

batman reboot 2015 rumors

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Man of Steel will spearhead it all. Henry Cavill will be given a new contract after.Both movies released new trailers during.Wysiwyg_imageupload:1852: Throughout the day we have been posting news about the new.Christopher Nolan is "godfathering" the project from a distance, meaning more or less Warner Bros. The, man of Steel will be chapter #1 of a shared universe, it will all bend around that film.Let us know in the comments.The budget for the Justice League Movie will be around 270 million.Justice League including stories that the likes.We have confirmed that.
Updated 9/16/12: Batman movie reboot to Feature Joker; Based on Arkham Asylum video game; more on Green Lantern Justice League movie to feature 7 original founding members, Cyborg, Green Arrow Updated: 9/30/12 Batman Reboot 2016 Is Coming; Superman Man of Steel Trailer Rumors; Justice League.
So expect something like aquarion evol episode 3 this: Man of Steel (2013) Zack Snyder; David Goyer Christopher Nolan; HenryCavill.
Previous articles include news on the.He is also being credited as a writer for the new 2018 Batman movie on imdb, which he also happens to have an Academy Award for Best Writing, shared with Matt Damon, game farm frenzy 4 softonic for.The Justice League Movie will look like an epic blockbuster film in tone with The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, which is s omething Warner Bros.If the rumor is true this is great news for Batman fans!As suits their interest, BOF noted that the new, rebooted Batman would be introduced.A source told, batman on Film that Justice League will be the next DC picture after, man of Steel, possibly lined up for Summer 2015. .Here are the two trailers. The rebooted Batman film (won't be an origin story, but will focus on a Batman who is entering his second year as a hero) will be a part of the same universe.