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Good fonts for logos

good fonts for logos

If italic fonts are the multi monitor taskbar windows 7ware redesigned zombie farm 2 hack tool versions of book or regular type, condensed fonts are those that have been redesigned to be squished into a thinner version.
Often times there are problematic characters, or two glyphs that when paired together cant be read easily.
Computers and smartphones have rendered that skill almost moot, but we still have cursive typefaces to help in a pinch.
Black character sets can be problematic in that a word set in black requires a lot more horizontal real estate than its book or bold relative any word set in this style cant be as tall (important when designing a logo.) Black fonts can clump.Itll do in a pinch, but certainly not as nice as the actual condensed font set.Black can be thought of as a bolder version of bold.Sometimes its even preferable as the full font set can be used in other applications to create a brand experience everything from websites to documents and brochures.Remember what I just said about embedded license info?Take a look above anaglyph 3d player full version at what happens when we smoosh Helvetica Neue Regular (no, theres not actually a font called Helvetica Neue Smooshed!) into the same width as regular.In which we discuss font use in identity design plus 30 type-related terms and concepts you really should know before designing a logo.Logos, fonts, tools, other, company.
Serif typefaces also are problematic when used very small as the feet tend to pixelate as the image tries to push the smallish detail into a pixel height.
It also allows the use of a heavier weight while occupying the same horizontal real estate.This usually is applied to typography after its been outlined using either the pathfinder tool in Illustrator or a stroke (a line) around the letters (though these should also be converted to vectors for final delivery.) Its also possible to use multiple keylines when designing.To help you better visualize the use of these typefaces, I used each one in its own custom design.Warping type is tricky as it requires an eye for design as well as a technical understanding of how the warped type will fit into a logo in total.Theres no issue with using a camel case setup in a logo consumers and users have come to understand, if even subconsciously, why the space aint there.