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Install arch linux without internet connection

install arch linux without internet connection

I do not know yet whether it is good or bad.
Major hurdles in the past were my Broadcom chipset (specifically BCM43228 inexperience with installing Arch Linux on anything but a VirtualBox VM (for which I used install scripts written by others) and inexperience with installing any Linux distribution without some sort of automated installer.Still, it might help you.3) instead of localization section I should specify timezone in /etc/timezone and /etc/localtime.And what about daemons?Option 1 Is probably best if you want to dedicate an entire hard disk to Arch ( in my case, since Im using a VM anyway).Since I dont wwe 13 pc setup have any existing partitions, neutrinoless double beta decay limits Ill just create one by selecting New - Prirmary.But I just do not know what to do next.
Otherwise, you may want networkmanager or wicd to better integrate into gnome/KDE, for example.
This is another part of the reason why I wanted to use my Wi-Fi.The next option is where most people select wrong and then whine saying Linux cant set my time!On rebooting youll be prompted to login.Most people are used to Windows style partitions of C D: drives, while *nix OS dont follow that architecture.It gives me tips what to do next and how to.On I installed Arch Linux on a removable drive, using my Lenovo Laptop, after trying and failing to install this distro on this removable drive several times before.When I just read about it, I thought why they did.I want to install ArchLinux.D (there are example templates) and add net-auto-wired, less into daemons.