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Legend of korra episode 13

legend of korra episode 13

Eventually, Mako abandoned these immoral activities but refused to admit the criminality of his past actions to Korra, as he firmly believed he was doing what was necessary to survive.
Not long after the team's arrival in Ba Sing Se, Kai ran away from the group, returning to his thieving ways, which prompted Mako and Bolin to give chase, though Kai managed to get them stranded in the Lower Ring by stealing their money.Mako, born 152, aG, gender, male, height, about 6'2".88m.The film also failed to earn back its 150 million budget, managing to make only about 131 million at the box office.Mako opposed Bolin's view of Kuvira, however, not believing that the metalbender was truly helping all the poor people of the empire.Although his apartment was in ruins, Mako declined Tenzin's offer to stay at Air Temple Island and resided at the police headquarters instead.When Mako and Bolin exited the ruined mecha suit, they were shocked to find that the Spirit Wilds had been blasted open and housed a new spirit portal in its center.Kinderserien kostenfrei anschauen und viele, online-Spiele der beliebten Nick-Helden spielen.
27 Mako continued his investigation and eventually grew suspicious of Varrick, though before he could do something about it, Mako was arrested in his apartment for the bombing of the cultural center, incriminating evidence present all over the place." When Extremes Meet ".DVD commentary for " The Revelation ".After the Anti-bending Revolution, Mako started as a beat-cop for the Republic City Police Force.Uses of the meme are often jokes based around Sokkas incoherent speech and LSD-like hallucinations." The Southern Lights ".Korrasami stopped being a matter of interpretation once the show creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko explicitly stated in their personal tumblr accounts on December 22, 2014 that Korrasami played 3ds games on sd card is canon.Upon being asked by Korra if he was all right, he, still in a stupor, reiterated that they were dating each other now and said he was cool with that.Together with Tenzin, they all set out on a frantic search for the Avatar, and when they found her again, Mako tenderly took care of her, despite being in a relationship with Asami.Tags earth, katara, avatar, airbender, fanart, fire, air, subculture, aang, sokka, water, zuko, zutara, elements, kataang, tv, lin, korra, amon, bolin, mako, tenzin, fandom, toph, nickelodeon, azula, animated series, cartoon (title) Related Discussion KYM Forum Thread Additional References Encyclopedia Dramatica Facebook Reddit Twitter Urban Dictionary.