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Log off users remotely linux

log off users remotely linux

How do I logout users from my systems?
I got a question from Darren: Steve, been using the free edition of Network Administrator.The following example, will kill all scratch software for games process on your server.Instead of logging into the server interactively and booting each one individually, this can be done remotely using a batch script.Of course, you must ensure you run it using an account that has admin rights to the server you are working with.Logout command syntax and example, if you are logged in as nixcraft user and just wanted to exit a login shell type the following command or hit ctrld: logout.How can I forcefully logoff any user using bash shell on Linux?I am using Linux on HP server.After the it failed we would have to start making the rounds nfpa 1 fire code 2012 edition pdf to see who left it up and running.
See also, for more information read our previous.Man pages: pkill(1 w(1 who(1 pgrep(1 gOT feedback?Pkill command syntax, the syntax is: pkill -kill -u username pkill -kill -u username, warning : Do not kill root user or other system level user process.B) kill command terminate or signal a process.Posted on, may 15, 2007November 9, 2013 in Categories, bASH Shell, Linux, User Management last updated November 9, 2013, i am a new Linux sysadmin.It will kick 100 users.Kill processes by name.