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Patterns of enterprise application architecture

patterns of enterprise application architecture

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Summary Above we looked at four different deployment patterns for an SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise system.
In the future I may add some post-publication comments into the material here, but we'll see how that works out.The repository file system is also held on this server.Deployment Pattern III - Optimised Configuration Note, if your deployment does not need one of data processing servers (Web Intelligence server, Crystal Reports server or Voyager server) then these can be omitted.The group of servers on which we have installed the BOE server processes is known as the cluster.The source data for these reporting and analysis tools is held in either a data warehouse or in SAP BW or in some other account payables in oracle apps r12 technical database or olap system.Third Tier Database Tier.Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (P of EAA).Hosts the Web Intelligence Processing server and Web Intelligence Scheduling and Publishing (job) server.An alternative to using a load balancer is to use clustering of the web applications.
In 2002 Addison-Wesley launched their signature series.Web based applications will also access the web application server installed on this server and similarly the http port will also need to be opened on this network.Pattern IV Load Balanced / Failover SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Server Deployment Deployment Overview For a load balanced failover deployment we duplicate servers so that in the event of one failing the duplicate server is there to take the load.These components are, all BOE server components: CMS, WebI Report Server, Crystal Report Server etc a Web Application Server (IIS, Tomcat etc) that hosts the user and admin web applications.Both the database server that BOE is reporting against and the SAP BW server are hosted on a separate physical servers.The ports that BOE uses for communication will need be open on this network.Note, some desktop applications, for example universe designer, will require direct access to the data warehouse and SAP BW servers.