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Phineas e ferb episodes

phineas e ferb episodes

January 23, 2009 (Toon Disney february 19, 2009 (Disney XD march 27, 2009 (Disney Channel delonghi ec155 15 bar pump espresso cappuccino maker reviews US).
Candace and Isabella are preoccupied with a turn-around dance where the girls ask the boys out.
58 (11) Gaming the System Bill Motz Bob Roth Joe Orrantia Zac Moncrief 104.5 birthday show tickets live nation Zac Moncrief (Disney Channel US) (Disney XD) 206b Phineas and Ferb accidentally trap Candace in a video game and have to help her out so that she can get ready for the.External link in work ( help ) Cite error: Invalid ref tag; name "ReferenceC" defined multiple times with different content (see the help page ).When Candace goes over to Isabella's to show Linda, she get shrunk herself and tries to get back along the street.To save his friends from certain doom, Perry makes the ultimate sacrifice by revealing his secret identity as Agent.114 (02) Canderemy Scott Peterson.G.22 Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together Bobby Gaylor Martin Olson Chris Headrick Chong Lee Dan Povenmire 114 Lawrence forgets his wedding anniversary, so Phineas and Ferb help him make it up to Linda by getting their favorite band together for a reunion concert.Hughes "Assistant Director Derek Thompson (Disney Channel US) (Disney XD) 404b Candace volunteers to help Isabella record her audio book so the boys can continue building their giant, recyclable, rock climbing project as planned, and get busted by mom.Doofenshmirtz takes a day off from being evil.Doofenshmirtz is sick in bed but forces himself to set off his which causes any tree that falls to say his name.
Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz is also doing a road trip, but hes using a big rig to transport his boom juice across the Tri-State Area.
Doofenshmirtz moves into his new lair.Season 4: # Title Story by/Written by Directed by Original airdate PC 176 (1) For Your Ice Only Scott Peterson Joshua Pruett Eddie Pittman Robert.145 (32) Monster from the Id Jim Bernstein Kaz Kim Roberson Jay Lender 10 February 2012 (Disney Channel US) (Disney XD) 321a After losing a gift that Jeremy made for her, Candace is determined to recreate it before Jeremy realizes its missing.Things get out of hand when.Back at their grandparents' cabin, Phineas and Ferb create the most amazing "run-through-the-sprinkler" experience.33 Bowl-R-Ama Drama Bobby Gaylor Martin Olson Chris Headrick Alex Almaguer Dan Povenmire 121b Phineas and Ferb look to set some world records.153 (40) The Doonkelberry Imperative Martin Olson Mike Diederich Bernie Petterson Jay Lender "Assistant Director Sue Perrotto (Disney Channel US) (Disney XD) 325a When Mom is out of Doonkelberries for her famous Doonkelberry pie, the boys set out to find some for her.Orrantia Zac Moncrief (Disney Channel US) (Disney XD) 216b While Phineas and Ferb get the bubble ready, Isabella and the Fireside Girls head out to the "Old Abandoned Old Abandoned Amusement Park" where the maracanut tree is and try to get the sap from.Hughes (Disney Channel US) (Disney XD) 320 During medieval times, Phineas and Ferb (or, Ferb-a-lot) set off on an epic quest to find the legendary sword, Excaliferb, so they can defeat the evil sorcerer, Malifishmirtz.46 Unfair Science Fair Bobby Gaylor Martin Olson Elizabeth Ito Aliki Theofilopoulos Dan Povenmire Zac Moncrief (Disney Channel US) 17 February 2009 (Disney XD) 123a Baljeet is discouraged about his prospects at a science fair.