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The trust game adventure map

the trust game adventure map

Texture pack - John Smith Legacy.
It truly tests your relationship with your friend/partner.
(Was previously known as, 'The Game of Trust.
This Adventure Map is inspired by BizarreClay's first two "Trust Game" maps.There is a button which does not work.In the beginning, you are seperated and therefor everything and anything you say could be a lie.This is the end of the Demo until further notice.The demo is available using the "Minecraft hide files and folders 3.5 key World Save" above!Please leave a like if you want to see more adventure maps and stuff.This IS A 2 player MAP.I will BE posting THE official MAP when THE next update comes OUT, BUT oifferent account.It has come to my attention that the demo is broken.
Please note : This map is a flat map.It is highly recommended in this case that both players record for both views of the map.This is my own interpretation of the 'Trust Games.'.Thanks to all who do in advance!The point of the game is to see how much you trust your partner.