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Unity web player ubuntu 13.10

unity web player ubuntu 13.10

Basically we have had a few people recently not following correct processes.
Y dejo el link de como se instala en cualquier distro.
Con lo anterior pueden jugar al Uberstrike sin problemas.
Este complemento no tiene un instalador para Linux, solo para Windows y Mac.Silverlight/Flash) stay at the same version and do not get any security fixes.Les dejo una página de juegos para probar.Para Canaima y Huayra deben elegir Debian.In fact if a patch is causing some leathal effect it can be deleted from the bugzilla by lead developers.(Chrome, chromium,Firefox y hasta Thunderbirt).Fresh Player Plugin is just a wrapper for so it needs this file.Le vamos a decir a la página que estás entrando desde Windows 7 con FireFox.En la siguiente página puedes ver los datos del User Agent y como cambian.
To report bugs or help with its development, see the Fresh Player Plugin.
I'm going to change my answer completely.
This is an excerpt from their home page: Pipelight will not suddenly stop working, but you will not receive any further updates.Recordar que cuando uno pone la clave en consola no aparcen ni los sudo apt-add-repository ppa:pipelight/stable sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install -install-recommends pipelight-multi sudo pipelight-plugin -update sudo pipelight-plugin -enable silverlight sudo pipelight-plugin -enable widevine sudo pipelight-plugin -enable unity3d, ahora todo instalado.Add implementation for NPN_PluginThreadAsyncCall, some first steps to make Pipelight MacOS compatible.The API itself paste values shortcut in excel doesn't make any sandboxing, it only allows sandboxed implementations.Where if placed correctly in the appdb and bugzilla they will only disappear when better instructions are made.Add pipelight-plugin commandline switch -list-enabled-all, silverlight now works even with less strict user agent settings.Well, in just over a week, Fresh Player Plugin evolved a lot and in my test, I actually didn't encounter any major issues: the sound works, video playback works with and other websites, full-screen videos work with multi-monitor setups, etc.