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Yu gi oh zexal ita episodi

yu gi oh zexal ita episodi

Astral social empires 2 game remarks that Shark has two Level 3 monsters.
Bronk remarks that he had heard that Shark's turning point was during a National Championship, thinking something else may have happened to him there.Number " cards, when he himself declares he won't use his "Number" cards or require the aid of Astral!?He's returned to the arcade to speak with Shark again.Astral wonders what he's planning by Summoning a monster with only 700 ATK.Shark tells Yuma to keep The Emperor's Key as a reminder of the duel and tosses it to the ground behind him.Duel Monsters - xfrog 5 for maya 2012 Season 1, Episode 22 - Face Off, Part 1 full episode.
He thinks it's laughable that he lost to Yuma earlier.Shark thinks that he could never forget his loss to Yuma and that maybe deep in his heart he's been waiting for this.English, shark Attack, number 010, air date (ja).Astral tells him that it would be better if he stopped - the physical difference between the two is too great.Caswell asks who that is, and Tori tells him Yuma means Astral.Caswell is amazed that Shark nearly halved Yuma's LP in one turn, and Bronk says in turn that Shark really is impossibly strong.He dashes across a crosswalk when traffic is cleared, but nearly gets run over by someone on a motorcycle.Yuma draws " Monster Reborn " and Normal Summons " Gagaga Magician ".Astral agrees to stay quiet and watch.